ADI is a 27 year old singer and producer from Tel Aviv. She creates her own unique beats and combines it with her brilliant R&B voice. ‘..transforming it into clattering, MIA’esque POP’ (The Guardian).

Over the past few years ADI performed at numerous festivals around the globe (incl. Glastonbury in the U.K, Melt & Electronic Beats Festival in Germany, Culture Collide in L.A, Canadian Music Week in Toronto and CMJ Music Marathon in New York). On stage she supported acts like Kelis, Kate Tempest, Metronomy, Bildebuch or Roisin Murphy.

ADI released her debut mixtape ‘Shit Just Got Real’ in 2013 alongside music video for A.D.I and ‘I Alwayse Liked Men With Good Hands’. A second EP closely followed which included the single ‘Was it You?’ gaining widespread interest from high profile sites such as The Fader, Hypetrack or Vimeo.

Her first album on a major label is scheduled for a worldwide release in 2016.

Magazines like The Guardian, Vice. Independent, Jay-Z Life % Times, Teen Vogue, Mixmag, Clash and many others are already raving about ADI.


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