There’s a thin line between EDM’s version of Trap music and the underbelly of Hip Hop and that’s where RVNES makes his home. He was raised in the irreverence of the Atlanta Hip Hop scene, so it’s no wonder that same disregard for what’s safe and clean emanates from the music that he makes.  RVNES is at home in the unapologetic lyrics of some of the best emcees the culture has to offer. A cross between experimentation and raw energy is what makes the production that much more special.

The name RVNES (pronounced Runes) is deep rooted in ancient Germanic legend. Born from a time when great myths were told, and the cast of characters was as much human as they were gods. RVNES is founded on the idea of creating your own mythology, that the music listener can be inspired to rebelliously take hold of life and be the subject of stories people tell long after they are gone.

The producer/deejay got his start around 7 or 8 years old like most other artists in Gen-Y. Starting with classical violin lessons, RVNES showed a penchant for music at a young age. In college, he let that love for music transition him into DJing for such notable Atlanta clubs; some of these establishments were Havana Club, Mansion Elan, Graveyard Tavern, and the world famous CouterPoint Music Festival. Once he began to teach himself the ins-and-outs of production his career began to accelerate. Collaborating with artists such as Young Dolph, Cool Amerika, and Luke Nasty, RVNES is on a path of doing something special that the genre has yet to see. RVNES brings an experimental and high art feel to hip-hop and music as a whole.