Ashley Sonlin
  • Born: Doylestown, PA
  • Presently: Laughing, reading, singing along to new music
  • Fun: Going out with my friends, spending time with family, movie nights
  • Random: I’m an optimist, love breakfast food, and have a kitten named Roxy.
  • Karma: “Don’t let anything stop you. Break the mold”
  • Birth Sign: Gemini


  • Mom came for a sleepover tonight!! I love my family so much ❤️ 9 hours ago
  • this gif exists, you're welcome 22 hours ago
  • RIP my wallet but HOORAY for my new living room that will arrive in the next month 😈😈😈  @thehavenly 1 day ago
  • the amount of times I crave chocolate in the late afternoon at work is ASTOUNDING. 2 days ago