Kristin Porter

Born: Payson, Utah
Presently: Wandering, listening to music, enjoying life
Fun: Movies, traveling, bakeries, spending time with family and friends.
Random: I live for anything with chocolate and peanut butter
Karma: “Always have hope.”
Birth Sign: Aries


  • Week 3 of quarantine... I really miss my monitors and desk 3 days ago
  • After the loss of my Grandma 2 weeks ago & having to keep my Grandpa inside away from the public, I’ve been trying… 4 days ago
  • “We didn’t tell you what to do, but showed you what we expected.” My cute Grandpa telling us about his and my Grandmas parenting style ❤️ 1 week ago
  • This week has already been the worst, I don’t need a 5.7 earthquake coming too. 2020, get your shit together 2 weeks ago